What is Client Westwood? It’s quite a long story but to cut it short, it’s an alternative rock collective.. We like to describe CW as a human entity who likes making our keyboards roar and our sweet guitars swim through psychedelic waves.

In other words CW is a set of many things. It is fun, curiosity, experimentation, passion, commitment, and reflection. It is a creative outburst. It is powerful. It is art!

It’s a meeting place, a reference, a sort of family.

It’s about music of course but first and foremost it’s a common dream that my brother Francesco Martin and I have been guarding and growing for many years. And now, with a little help from our musician friends, it is becoming reality.

To give a complete explanation, to let you understand exactly what Client Westwood is now, we’ve got to go back 10 years. In the early 2013… (you can read the posts before in bio)

Coming from the completed Lost Atom experience, Maicol Donati and I wanted to move on and start a new adventure mixing different kinds of genres. In the meantime the friendship with Francesco Martini led us to the creation of a new band. At that time, he was the singer of the Whatapitty band.

Mates since primary school, with a strong connection, Maicol, Francesco and I had many things in common, but different musical backgrounds. Francesco had a punk and garage approach whilst Maicol and I came from the psychedelic and progressive rock scene.

Probably this contamination was the winning card, so we started to rehearse, and we found a great fit. This mix worked so well that Paolo Terenzi joined us again at the drums, and Lenny Belmonte at the bass guitar. Our first songs gave us a different vision, concerning a new way to compose and create new songs.

This was interesting and important because it made us aware that we were making a new unexplored genre, exploring new ways to interpret music and composition.

So first songs and first lives were taking place, having great response.[a] We played together for a couple of years, changed the bass player, and had the pleasure to welcome Michele Scola. But a series of  unforeseeable events forced us to put the CW project on hold. Until now.

Last summer “Doliva”, Francesco’s surname,[b] and I felt the time was ripe to bring CW back to life. We have been working hard during this year to set it all up. And now we are starting with Maicol Donati (once again) at the keyboards, Corrado Cerni at the drums and Matteo Lupo at the bass guitar for live concerts. We have new and old songs now and we’re working on our first album.

So finally Client Westwood is back in town with a new single, coming out soon.

Stay tuned for more, and follow Instagram page to stay updated. CLIENT WESTWOOD