ABSENT-MINDED (feat. Frank Caforio)

After working together on the album “Sailing In The Dark”, the single “Threadbare Carpet” and the first @client.westwood single “Silicon Brain”.
The constant collaboration between MAG. and FRANK CAFORIO continues and gave life to “ABSENT-MINDED”.

ABSENT-MINDED is a song that plumbs the depths of intimacy, among miles of dialogue, tangible considerations and floating reflections, until reaching a point of total connection where words end, leaving only feelings to speak.


Wrote and produced by Gabriele Magnanelli and Franco Caforio

Vox/guitars/keyboards: Gabriele Magnanelli

Drums: Franco Caforio

Backing vocals: Manuela Cruccas

Mixed and mastered at Whale’s Belly

Thanks to:

Fulvio Mennella for bass lines, and post production

Maicol Donati for creative contribution

Fabio Demitri for the lovely graphics

Antonella Ferraro for the social media support