When… The “ICE GREEN” Pt.1

My love for music started when I considered seriusly to play my father’s electric guitar. Then after practice and practice with the instrument, I liked the idea to create a band and share first notions with my friends. So I talked about that with my close friend Paolo Terenzi who played drums, and our intentions collided. He had a big and beautiful room down his house where we could play. So we started this exciting adventure. We decided to call ourself “Burning Souls” at the beginning when we were only in two around 2003.

We found tuning and alchemy but we needed other musicians as a bass guitar player, a keyboardist and a singer of course. So the band evolved when our friend Maicol Donati joined with us at the keyboard, and the name turned in a colder way and became “Ice Green” as a pun of I scream. The arrival of Maicol were amazing, because new worlds opened up to explore with his creative skills. The felling grew, we used to jam and play covers at that time basically. Especially Red Hot Chili Peppers songs. We all loved them sound, and we were dragged by the charge, the powerful, the brightness of them latest albums released “Californication” and “By The Way”.

So we walked the direction to became a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band when other friends Pietro Tenti at the bass guitar and Manuel Ottaviani at the voice joined with us. I was impressed by Pietro, he played in a fantastic way, and you know is not easy play Flea’s partiture. Manu knew all songs by heart so they gave more value at the project. Ice Green were ready to performe live.

Then we turned around Rimini area, playing through locals and events, for a couple of years, making experience and taking confidence with the stage. I can tell you, we had a lot of fun.

….to be continued, stay tuned.


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