When… The “ICE GREEN” Pt.2

After the early years, we realized the fact that we needed to explore new genres. Despite the love for Red Hot Chili Peppers music, we decided to take a different direction, leaving the idea of being a cover band. The interest for psychedelic and progressive rock grew, listening band like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Dream Theater, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Italian progressive bands etc… so we let ourselves be carried away by that music flow. Consequently Ice Green become an experimental band, as his line up. In fact we went back to being three as to the origins, with Paolo and Maicol basically. We played and shaped the band according to need, collaborating and involving friends to our Ice Green project.

We focused our interest in progressive rock music and it gave us the opportunity to become in touch with Le Orme, one of the most iconic Italian progressive bands. Michele Dei Rossi, Aldo Tagliapietra, Michele Bon gave us the chance to open some of their concerts. It was an honor. You can see in the video clip below, an excerpt of the first show we played with them. It was a sort of Dream Theater instrumental medley. This kind of situations projected us into a more professional vision and approach to music.

The Ice Green project goes on until 2009. And we were fascinated by the magic of creating new music. So we started to take confidence with the creative process to compose the first tracks. Especially when Davide Marchini joined the band as a singer. But the change of line up and aspirations, consequently led us to identify this new project that was being born with a different name.

To be continued, stay tuned