We went in search of new and more concrete ideas and planned to play original songs. The result was the new upcoming band I DIEMM. Maicol and I remained  on keyboards and guitar respectively, with a new singer, for the first time a real frontman, Davide Marchini. He came from a background of Italian pop and melodic music, with a lot of experience. His contribution to the band helped us grow so much in several aspects. We found the right feeling through inspiration and creativity. In fact, almost immediately, the first songs practically wrote themselves, so we decided to write lyrics in Italian and found a compromise between our various different musical styles. What came out of it was basically a sort of Italian pop-rock .

With Samuele Barilari on drums, Filippo Galli on bass guitar and Stefano Cristofanelli on percussion the new line-up was complete, and after a test period, playing covers and our own first songs, we were ready to play live, and we did. We played in a lot of clubs, participated in various competitions and recorded a demo of the first songs. You can hear our first ever recorded song, “Che Siamo Uniti Io E Te”.

Because of the entertainment value and the music we played, I DIEMM concerts generated interest. With Davide the show became completely unpredictable, because of his great ability to know how to entertain.The songs were very catchy and liked by the public, so we had quite a following in the Rimini area. We came to have about fifteen unpublished songs, some of which people knew, although they hadn’t even been published. 

Over the years the band had several changes of musicians on bass and drums. First Alex Leardini and then Mattia Zazzeroni on bass, Corrado Cerni on drums, All great musicians and friends of ours with whom we had a great time. The band went on for three years until 2011. Then the instability of the line-up led us to leave the project on standby. On standby because, we’re still good friends and we enjoy meeting up sometimes to play I DIEMM music.

But at that time me and Maicol had something else on our minds, progressive rock music. 

To be continued…